We, as Agrasya, believe most willingly that we can keep our place in the Animal Health and Nutrition sector and our brand value which started to become known by the world, with continuous development and motivation of qualified manpower.

In our structure that is growing rapidly, we determine the basic principle of the activity of personnel selection and placement as providing the opportunity to proceed for those persons who have adequate knowledge, skills and behaviors required by the job definition and who will adopt the values of Agrasya and keep them alive.

We are aware that the organizations which have the most competent personnel and which keep this personnel happy within their bodies also achieve competitive advantage; and we are developing ourselves in our human resources policies and practices with the identity of a company that puts this awareness into practice.

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We took our place in the sector in 2012 with our innovative services and experienced staff. Our aim is become a different breath and a different solution without compromising the values that we have and to provide you a reliable partnership.

The mission of Agrasya is to be the part of the process which provides the customer to meet with safe food; by offering more efficient, more reliable and more economical solutions and to provide added value to the sector and to its country by innovative and solution-oriented approach, quality products, effective customer service.

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