Our HR Policy

In light of the principle "Good individuals make good teams" , form the day on which we were founded, we have seen working with a well-trained, dynamic, happy labor force with team spirit who can make good use of their creative skills, take initiatives, are open to continuous self-development and who understand the privileges of working in Agrasya, as the main policy of Agrasya Human Resources.

  • Performing selection and appointment of persons appropriate for the job,
  • Developing human resources practices for meeting the director needs that will arise in line with the growth targets of the company within the company,
  • Providing the company's employees with internal and external development opportunities according to the company?s target and career plans of the personnel,
  • Providing a working environment for all employees of the company where they can make use of and develop their abilities and skills,
  • Providing an atmosphere for communication and teamwork within the company,
  • Developing and implementing systems that encourage and reward success
  • Ensuring the implementation of ethical rules and equal opportunities without exception in all the applications given above.

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All applications to our company are recorded in our candidate database. In line with the annual labor force planning, a pool is created by searching in this database for vacant positions among the candidates that have the required qualifications and the recruitment process is started.
Common characteristics that we want the candidates to have are the following: self-confidence, willing and committed, ambitious, open to training, having strong communication skills, creative, having analytical thinking ability, compatible to and changes.

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We took our place in the sector in 2012 with our innovative services and experienced staff. Our aim is become a different breath and a different solution without compromising the values that we have and to provide you a reliable partnership.

The mission of Agrasya is to be the part of the process which provides the customer to meet with safe food; by offering more efficient, more reliable and more economical solutions and to provide added value to the sector and to its country by innovative and solution-oriented approach, quality products, effective customer service.

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